“The Navvy Jack Nature House is a collaborative centre fostering awareness of, respect for and protection of our diverse natural environment through dynamic displays, dialogue and educational initiatives encouraging sustainability.”
Mission statement of the WVNHS

The concept of a nature information centre was included in the West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society’s 2010/11 Work Plan and discussed for several years before by its Directors. In January, 2011 West Vancouver Streamkeepers gave a presentation to the District’s Parks Master Plan Working Group and included in the written submission was the introduction of the idea of a Nature House. It also embraced the concept of an umbrella organization that could involve the various stewardship groups which could interact with the District and others, on common stewardship issues.

As a result, a Streamkeeper Committee was formed and over a dozen site visits were made to nature centres around the Province and discussions held with some District staff and Councillors. In August 2012 the WV Streamkeeper President sent a letter to Mayor and Council on the proposed project, indicating six local Society’s support for a Nature House in West Vancouver.

The Nature House is a collaborative venture. Exhibits will reflect the environmental focus of the respective member societies. Co-operation and collaboration between members will ensure that displays and activities support and complement one another.

Public displays will be dynamic, interactive, stimulating and appropriate to the season. We will consult with experts in the field of program design and display as necessary.

From the community perspective the Nature House will afford a ‘storefront’ opportunity for citizens and visitors to be engaged with the appropriate organization at whatever level they might choose. They could simply be informed and become more aware of our natural environment; they might share opinions and ideas; they could choose to be more involved through membership, financial support and active participation. The opportunity and the choice will be theirs.

The waterfront portion of the house facing the WV Seawall will be open to the public and feature information displays and demonstration space. The space will be adaptable and available as required for lectures and meeting purposes. Through this facility we want to encourage residents and visitors alike to discover WV’s diverse natural setting, to explore and experience for themselves the joy of discovering nature in this urban environment.